Anonymous asked:
Ah, I see.. I really wanted them YnY but yea I would love it if you found look alike of them, if it's not a burden! Thank you :)

I found these on ebay! I typed “white platforms sandals chunky” as keywords and there are a lot of them actually. Hope it helps!

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Could you please tell me where you got your shoes from in this post? /post/94845041980, and what does your url mean? I love your blog!!

They are Argo by Jeffrey campbell but they are sold-out pretty much everywhere it looks like. I can find you some good look alike if you want?

As for my url i didn’t really thought about it when i made it, i wanted something recognizable à la Harley Quinn and i love the name Arletta, that’s it hehe

& Thank you (♡´͈༝`͈)ฅ˒˒

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